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GFOUK™ DeepBreath Herbal Mucus Lung Clearance Device

GFOUK™ DeepBreath Herbal Mucus Lung Clearance Device

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GFOUK™ DeepBreath Herbal Mucus Lung Clearance Device

GFOUK™ DeepBreath Herbal Mucus Lung Clearance Device

Regular price $24.97
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Take a look at what our happy customers are saying:

“As someone who has struggled with asthma since childhood because of family history, I've been using the GFOUK™ DeepBreath Herbal Mucus Lung Clearance Device to train and exercise my lungs. However, my true testament to its effectiveness came when I fell ill with community-acquired pneumonia. After just a few weeks of consistent use, I noticed a significant improvement in my lung function, and they were back to normal. This device is a fantastic, straightforward solution. It's easy to use, convenient to carry around, and simple to clean. I highly recommend it to anyone dealing with respiratory issues.”

“After getting the hang of it, the GFOUK™ DeepBreath Herbal Mucus Lung Clearance Device with its ball-bearing system truly works wonders in clearing phlegm. I personally have a diagnosis of bronchiectasis due to worsening allergies and smoking addiction, and I'm confident it could benefit individuals with various other respiratory issues too. The key is patience and perseverance – stick with it, and you'll see the results. Mastering the technique may take a little time, but the payoff in improved respiratory health is absolutely worth it.”

The GFOUK™ DeepBreath Herbal Mucus Lung Clearance Device offers a convenient solution for clearing mucus and eliminating waste from the lungs. It also serves to cleanse and purify the upper respiratory passages, and over the course of 8 weeks, it effectively aids in repairing damage resulting from allergies, asthma, dust, and smoking. This product presents an opportunity for individuals with compromised respiratory systems to effortlessly regain their breathing capacity.

【Expert】Organic Herbal Fusion - Cleanse trachea and lungs from mucus buildup - Revitalize alveoli functionality - Renew tracheal tissue - Counteract allergies and asthma - Improve the feeling of unobstructed breathing - Offer assistance for COPD

4 Weeks Testimonial Repair

In an extensive global clinical trial spanning 28 days and involving 2,659 participants, the GFOUK™ DeepBreath Herbal Mucus Lung Clearance Device demonstrated outstanding efficacy in rejuvenating and cleansing the lungs of individuals with a history of extended smoking or exposure to dust. These participants witnessed significant improvements in various symptoms, including coughing, breathlessness, mucus production, chest discomfort, and respiratory difficulties.

Clinical trials and surveys have supplied substantial evidence supporting the effectiveness of this medication in addressing chronic pharyngitis, pulmonary nodules, and pulmonary dysfunction. Furthermore, it has showcased its potency in managing environmental allergies and asthma. Additionally, the spray has been confirmed to have a substantial impact on both the treatment and prevention of pulmonary inflammation's consequences.

Upon reviewing the CT scans conducted both before and after the test, it was determined that there had been a substantial reduction in lung residues and mucus in individuals. This reduction was so remarkable that it reached an almost imperceptible level, with a reduction rate of 99.86%.

Due to the impact of our work and living conditions, along with unhealthy lifestyle choices, the air we now breathe is no longer pure and natural. Consequently, we regularly inhale significant quantities of smoke and dust, which can accumulate in our trachea and lungs. In response to these foreign substances, our bodies produce excess bodily fluids, resulting in the accumulation of mucus (phlegm) within the lungs. Failing to efficiently remove this mucus and foreign matter from the body can contribute to the onset of the mentioned diseases and, in severe instances, pose a life-threatening hazard.

How Does The GFOUK™ DeepBreath Herbal Mucus Lung Clearance Device Works?

Dr. Kazzy's research team has introduced the groundbreaking GFOUK™ DeepBreath Herbal Mucus Lung Clearance Device, offering an innovative solution to alleviate respiratory issues. This device enhances the respiratory system's inherent ability to remove waste and mucus from the lungs, promoting optimal lung health and function. It also provides positive expiratory pressure (PEP) therapy, making it suitable for patients with mucus-producing respiratory conditions such as atelectasis, bronchitis, bronchiectasis, emphysema, cystic fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, and other conditions that result in retained secretions.

Continuous Use For More Than 28 Days

The GFOUK™ DeepBreath Herbal Mucus Lung Clearance Device operates by employing a positive expiratory pressure (PEP) mechanism. Adjust the strength of the exhaled airflow by simply turning the vented cap. This action effectively stimulates the lung's functionality by directing the pressure directly into the air passages and respiratory pathways, ensuring precise and optimal results. The device generates oscillation frequencies ranging from 6 to 20 Hz, which correspond to the natural resonance frequencies of the human pulmonary system. These vibrations effectively dislodge mucus adhering to the airway walls, significantly boosting the product's overall performance in promoting lung health and purifying the respiratory system.

Infused With 7 Key Ingredients To Support Respiratory Health

7 Natural Plant Extracts:

The GFOUK™ DeepBreath Herbal Mucus Lung Clearance Device is composed of a powerful blend of seven natural plant extracts. These extracts, including golden plum extract, oleanolic acid, and vitex calcium, work together harmoniously to address various facets of respiratory health. They proficiently reduce local inflammation, combat respiratory allergies, stimulate lung fluid secretion, and assist in thinning accumulated phlegm and waste. Consequently, the tracheal passage becomes smoother, resulting in enhanced breathing and overall respiratory health.

Let's take a look at what our happy customers are saying:

What Makes The GFOUK™ DeepBreath Herbal Mucus Lung Clearance Device Be The GREAT CHOICE?

Focused Lung Purification

Organic Herbal Blend

Enhances Mucus & Congestion

Alleviation Calms Irritation

Diminishes Inflammation

Boosts Respiratory Well-being

Aids Effortless Respiration

Comprehensive Body Detox

Portable & Suitable for Travel

Handy Spray Application

Invigorating & Revitalizing Feeling

Usage Directions

1. Select the appropriate ball size to control the vibration frequency effectively.

2. Opt for the desired oscillation frequency within the range of 6 to 20 Hz, aligning with human pulmonary resonance frequencies.

3. Allow these vibrations to effectively dislodge mucus from the airway walls.

4. After using wash the product with warm water and mild soap or detergent.

5. For a deeper clean, follow the same washing process as above. Once dry, use a 60-80% alcohol solution (ethyl or isopropyl alcohol) to wipe or rinse the components.


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