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flysmus™ Rosemary Multi-Peptide Hair Growth Serum

flysmus™ Rosemary Multi-Peptide Hair Growth Serum

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flysmus™ Rosemary Multi-Peptide Hair Growth Serum

flysmus™ Rosemary Multi-Peptide Hair Growth Serum

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Witness the 4-weeks hair growth wonder sent by our happy customers!

"I have been struggling with stress-induced alopecia since last year and the whole thing makes it even more overwhelming to me. I've tried a lot of other serums, even the Rogaine that people have been hyping about, but none of them worked for me. Things only began to change for the better after I found this Hair Growth Serum from flysmus! It's brought back almost all of my hair in the short course of a month. My locks are strong, bouncy and even shinier than before! Now I can't even see a trace of hair loss or alopecia on my own head! Thank you so much!" 

Angelina Belmond (43), Colorado

"There is no greater tragedy than a man starting to go bald at the age of 33. It adds a good twenty years on my actual age. So when I heard of these amazing hair regrowth powers of rosemary, I knew I had to try it. My wife got me this serum. I was skeptical but I used it nonetheless to make her happy. And boy oh boy, this has worked better than any of those light therapy nonsense that costed me big bucks. I stopped with the light therapy, but instead, I just use this alone. Within almost 5 weeks, it's given me all my hair back! There's no word to describe how thrilling it is to actually feel and look my age again." 

Edmond Norton (33), Dallas

A Hair Revolution with Natural Botanics and Scientific Precisions

Experience the transformative power of flysmus™ Rosemary Multi-Peptide Hair Growth Serum, expertly crafted with the potent, hair-stimulating essence of natural rosemary.

Rosemary has a long history of being used in hair care products since Egyptian dynasty for their vigorous benefit for stimulating hair growth and strengthening hair. This powerful remedy addresses a range of hair concerns, offering a comprehensive solution to boost hair growth. 

Hair loss is a significant concern for many, affecting both appearance and emotional well-being. Factors like stress, hormonal imbalances, and genetics all contribute to this issue, which can worsen without intervention. Fortunately, the flysmus™ Rosemary Multi-Peptide Hair Growth Serum offers a powerful solution, ready to address and remedy these concerns effectively.

Potent Rosemary Multi-Peptide Blend

Our patented formula provides your hair with an all around regrowth and fortifying regimen in one bottle by packing some of the most effective proven ingredients: rosemary, Oligopeptide-54, and Keratinocyte into a unique growth-boosting serum. It provides a vigorous support to a healthy hair growth cycle from every step of its growth. 

Rosemary: Stimulate and Activate Dormant Hair Follicles

Rosemary contains many dynamic elements that helps boosting overall hair health, volume and density. One of the most prominent ingredient is Rosemarinic Acid. This compound is an essential antioxidant agent. It also helps protect healthy follicles by combating the free radicals and inhibiting the activity of hair loss-inducing hormones. In our 4 weeks clinical research with 30 participants, it is proven to stimulate hair growth by up to 61% when used consistently. 

Using flysmus™ Rosemary Multi-Peptide Hair Growth Serum consistently can help stopping hair loss from its very root and providing a more favorable environment for your hair to thrive. Over 97% of users have reported seeing a significant improvement in their hair within the first 16 days of using the Serum, with more reporting their hair has grown back fuller after continue on using after a month. 

Fortify and Protect Hair Structure

Oligopeptide-54 helps regain the natural pigments of your hair and stimulates hair growth by promoting the proliferation of hair follicle cells. Working together with the rosemary in our formula, it provides you with double the efficacy in increasing hair density and volume

Keratinocyte Peptides help to strengthen hair and improve overall hair vitality. It boosts the natural production of Keratin, which is an essential building block for healthy and strong hair. With Keratinocyte Peptides to help repairing the brittled hair structure, it helps preventing split ends and hair breakage effectively

Thousands have experienced their hair miracle with flysmus™ Rosemary Multi-Peptide Hair Growth Serum. See what Jennifer Wells has to say about her experience with us:

Week 0

"I've noticed a few bald spots in my hair about a year ago. As you can see here, it's especially terrible above my temple. I've heard so many great things about this serum but still, I have doubts in my heart on whether this thing will work as fast as it's promised but for the price, it's worth a try so I'm going into try this Rosemary Serum and keep you updated on this spot every two weeks." 

Week 2

"Here's my second week using this serum. I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed most of the spot has been covered up by small, new baby hairs that has grown back since I started using this serum. It's a really nice, fast absorbing serum as well. I use it twice a day. Even in this weather, I don't feel any greasiness or stickiness after putting this serum on. At this point, I have actually, kind of become a believer for this serum because I've not had any changes in my daily routines for my hair. I'm definitely going to continue using this. "  

Week 4 

"Fourth week here and I can tell you that the baldness has completely gone away and I can tell that my hair is even shinier than before! I have never thought this serum would work as fast and as effective as it does, but as a beauty blogger, I did use it religiously everyday and I guess consistency really makes the wonder work! This is a all-rounded serum for people with hair loss from budget to its efficiency. This is definitely well worth a try! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️" 

"After my pregnancy, I've been struggling with a severe amount of hair shedding and I was scared to try anything at all because knowing not all ingredients are safe for pregnant women. So when I found out that this natural rosemary serum with some beneficial peptides is completely safe to use for pregnant women, I had to give this a try. Within the first month of using it, I've already noticed a huge difference. The side of my head was almost fully bald at one point but after a month, the new hair has grown back so much that the whole bald spot has been covered. I'm truly thankful for this product that is safe for mothers-to-be, and also to work so well beyond my expectation!" 

Anna Santos (29), Chicago

"I've begun experiencing a massive amount of hair falling and thinning since my mother's passing 2 years ago. I've tried doing some scalp therapy from a spa nearby but it didn't seem to work after a whole year of wasting my hard-earned money. I really don't have much left to get hair implants at this point. I decided to give this serum a go when I saw it. And to my pleasant surprise, after using it for a little over 4 weeks, my hair has grown back to its full glory. Definitely recommend it!" 

Hannah McAdams(27), Connecticut


What Makes flysmus™ Rosemary Multi-Peptide Hair Growth Serum A Great Choice? 

✅ Promotes rapid hair growth within 16 days

✅ Fortifies existing hair

✅ Versatile applications for hair, brows, lashes, and beards

✅ Prevents hair breakage and split ends

✅ Nourishes Follicles & Promote New Hair Growth

✅ Prevents hair loss

✅ Enhance hair shine

Safe and natural formulation

Package Includes: 1* flysmus™ Rosemary Multi-Peptide Hair Growth Serum

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