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flysmus™ Hypnosis Feromone Cologne

flysmus™ Hypnosis Feromone Cologne

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flysmus™ Hypnosis Feromone Cologne

flysmus™ Hypnosis Feromone Cologne

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Let's see what our happy customers have to say about flysmus™ Hypnosis Pheromone Cologne!

Your Ultimate Seduction in A Bottle

The flysmus™ Hypnosis Pheromone Cologne is an advanced cologne designed to attract and draw in women naturally and intensively and create passionate connections. Renewed with our patented pheromone infusion formula, Hypnosis is clinically proven for fervent seduction and confidence boosting. 

Scientifically Proven 

flysmus™ Hypnosis Pheromone Cologne contains pheromones designed to invoke women's intense desire for you . Studies have shown that pheromones activate hormonal levels in women, leading to increased feelings of attraction and attentiveness. With this cologne, you'll be sure to become more seductive to women.

What is Pheromone?

flysmus™ Hypnosis Pheromone Cologne acts as a natural amplifying modifier to enhance your natural pheromones, subtly create passion within women towards you. Pheromones have been proven to be able to create a lasting impression, stress relief, confidence boost and mood improvement. Our unique patented formula worked with your body's natural chemistry, providing a magnetic scent and an instant romantic encounter result

Perfect Cologne to Magnify Your Charm

Leveraging a unique molecular binding technology to elevate the scent and potency of your pheromones, Hypnosis stimulates the olfactory nerve to create a unique primal charm that makes attraction and seduction effortless to you. Getting the women of your dream is now an easy process made in 3 steps without you even noticing. 

Why is our Pheromone Formula so powerful? 

Once most men get to age 35, the amount of pheromones they produce starts to naturally decline, making them LESS attractive to women. Luckily, we're just about to remedy that. 

Hypnosis is formulated using our patented advanced pheromone formula - PheroMX, which consist of three different male pheromone to create an irresistible allure to women. This blend is the result of over two decades of meticulous pheromone research.

Androstenone – Enhances men's sexual attractiveness to women.

Androstadienone – Influences women's natural processes, aiding in mate selection.

Androstenol – Activates mating behaviors in women.

While most pheromone perfume and scent are found to only deliver results to a smaller group of women, Hypnosis's PheroMX is able to attract a larger group of women by advancing the universal receptivity level.  

Comparing to most pheromone sold in the market, PheroMX formula used in Hypnosis is proven to last far longer, create larger desire and passion of higher intensity, all the while being able to attract more women

 What Makes The flysmus™ Hypnosis Pheromone Cologne so SPECIAL?

Experience the science-backed attraction with flysmus™ Hypnosis Pheromone Cologne. Use it as a secret weapon in foreplay for renewed passion and affection. flysmus™ Hypnosis Pheromone Cologne is your answer to become the most wanted man in any room!

Raise natural pheromone production
Improve attractiveness and appeal
Invoke instant chemistry and desire
Boost seductiveness
Raise the intensity of their desire for you
✓ Become the center of attention and attraction
Elevate confidence

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