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GFOUK™ IONWARM Constant Temperature Air Purifier

GFOUK™ IONWARM Constant Temperature Air Purifier

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GFOUK™ IONWARM Constant Temperature Air Purifier

GFOUK™ IONWARM Constant Temperature Air Purifier

Regular price $24.97
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 What does a Blizzard and Heavy Snowstorm do to our Car?

Each year, hundreds of thousands of vehicles are immobilized or inoperable due to icing. Snowstorms and blizzards that are particularly severe may have a considerable impact on your vehicle and the circumstances in which you drive. Extremely low temperatures have the potential to cause a number of components of a car, including the engine, gearbox, and brakes, to freeze. The overall performance and dependability of your vehicle may be impacted as a result of this. The accumulation of snow on your vehicle, particularly on the roof, might result in an increase in the vehicle's weight. Your vehicle's stability may be compromised as a result of this, which may pose a threat to your safety. 

The Car's Built-In Airflow System Doesn't Eliminate Pollutants and Odor

One of the most important claims is that the built-in airflow system of the automobile is not able to successfully carry out its primary job, which is to remove or greatly decrease the amount of pollutants and unpleasant aromas that are present in the air that is within the vehicle. As a result of the deficiencies in the airflow system, the health and safety of the people who are riding in the vehicle is negatively impacted. It is possible that the air quality within the car will be damaged if pollutants and smells are not removed adequately, which might result in discomfort or health problems for individuals who are inside the vehicle.

A Winter Must-Have for every Car

In either case, it is impossible to access the vehicle. Now there is a great solution - the GFOUK™ IONWARM Constant Temperature Air Purifier. it prevents your car from being covered in snow during heavy snowfalls and keeps the inside of the vehicle at 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit - no more worries about being trapped by snow and ice.

The secret to keeping your car free of snow and ice - GFOUK™ IONWARM Constant Temperature Air Purifier

The GFOUK™ IONWARM Constant Temperature Air Purifier is a state-of-the-art instrument designed specifically for U.S. government vehicles and recovery vehicles. Its unique constant temperature technology not only prevents the vehicle from being snowed in during heavy snowfall, but also keeps the interior temperature stable in extremely cold weather while purifying the air inside the vehicle.

This thermostatic and air-purifying innovation ensures that the vehicles of government fleets, police departments and medical organizations are always able to provide reliable service in all kinds of adverse weather conditions. This is vital for rescue operations and medical services in emergency situations.

The red light heating technology adopts the principle of infrared radiation, and the built-in red light heating device achieves precise temperature control by penetrating the air and acting directly on the surface of objects inside the vehicle. The system monitors the temperature inside the vehicle through temperature sensors and feedback loops, and intelligently adjusts the red light heating power to ensure a constant temperature range.

When the temperature inside the car is lower than the set value, the system quickly activates the red light heating device, which efficiently converts the infrared radiation into heat energy and quickly raises the temperature inside the car. Once the set temperature level is reached, the system intelligently adjusts the power to maintain a comfortable and stable warm environment, providing the ultimate driving and riding experience.

Negative Ion Purification and Sterilization Technology

Negative ion purification and sterilization technology instrument realizes air quality improvement by adsorbing tiny particles and germs in the air. This technology instrument has a built-in negative ion generator, which promotes the activity of oxygen molecules in the air by releasing a large number of negative ions, forming a fresh negative oxygen ion air, which is beneficial to the human body.

The GFOUK™ IONWARM Constant Temperature Air Purifier is equipped with a high-performance built-in storage battery that provides excellent energy-saving performance. It can work continuously without external power supply, providing users with portable car interior temperature control and air purification. Test data shows that a single charge can support more than 24 hours of operation, providing users with long-lasting constant temperature and purification services.

Customers' lives have changed with the GFOUK™ IONWARM Constant Temperature Air Purifier!

"I got the GFOUK™ IONWARM Constant Temperature Air Purifier just before the snowstorm when I moved to Pennsylvania. It usually took more than thirty minutes to clean the ice from our automobile. The ice on the back doors and windows is quickly and easily melted by this solar-powered de-icer, and it doesn't leave any unsightly ice patches. I can't speak highly enough of this wonderful device, which I endorse for both its practicality and the increased security it offers. One of my best buys since moving from Florida to a cooler area, particularly for my rapidly freezing automobile." - Adam Klein

"The GFOUK™ IONWARM Constant Temperature Air Purifier has been a godsend for me, a 58-year-old single lady. It used to be a chore to wash my vehicle first thing in the morning, but now it looks like winter never even happened. I intend to suggest this to all of my neighbors as they continue to struggle with removing heavy accumulations of snow and ice from their vehicle windows. Using this tool has made getting ready for the day in the cold more easier and more fun.

What makes the GFOUK™ IONWARM Constant Temperature Air Purifier the best choice?

✅ State-of-the-art instrumentation for U.S. government vehicles

✅ 360° De-icing

✅ Maintains a comfortable temperature inside the vehicle all day long

✅ Purifies air and kills germs

✅ Does not interfere with or affect in-vehicle electronics

✅ Energy-saving and no radiation

✅ Convenient and compact

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