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Remifa™ Windproof Dual-Flame Vintage Watch Lighter

Remifa™ Windproof Dual-Flame Vintage Watch Lighter

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Remifa™ Windproof Dual-Flame Vintage Watch Lighter

Remifa™ Windproof Dual-Flame Vintage Watch Lighter

Regular price $22.97
Regular price $22.97 Sale price $45.97
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Elevate your style to new heights with this vintage dual-flame lighter that effortlessly meets your needs at the press of a button

This luxurious, animal-inspired lighter features an impressive, windproof blue torch flame that ignites with the simple push of a switch. Its majestic dual-flame performance ensures a bright, consistent burn, even in blustery conditions or chilly environments. Once the switch is released, the lighter seamlessly transitions to a captivating, soft red flame.

This versatile fiery companion is perfect for lighting candles, butane gas, fireworks, campfires, grills, fireplaces, gas stoves, and more – making it an indispensable tool for both indoor and outdoor use.

Crafted with a smooth, polished finish and an ergonomic, non-slip body, this lighter offers a comfortable, luxurious grip and superior maneuverability. Available in a selection of chic, vintage-inspired designs, including crocodile, dolphin, eagle, horse, and pistol shapes, each style features a built-in quartz clock for added functionality.

With a refillable butane tank and adjustable flame control, this dual-flame lighter is both practical and convenient. Highly portable, it's perfect for use at home, on hikes, camping trips, picnics, barbecues, and beyond.

Elevate your style and meet your needs effortlessly with this vintage dual-flame windproof lighter.


  • Dual-Flame Vintage Lighter

    This stunning, animal-inspired lighter boasts an impressive dual-flame feature that effortlessly ignites a wide range of flammable items. With just a simple press, it produces a powerful, windproof blue torch flame that burns brightly and consistently, even in windy or chilly conditions, preventing the fire from quickly dying out.

    Upon release of the switch, the lighter automatically transitions to a soft, mesmerizing red flame, providing versatility and visual appeal. Its powerful performance makes it ideal for a variety of uses, including lighting candles, butane gas, fireworks, campfires, grills, fireplaces, and more. No more struggling with weak, fleeting flames – this dual-flame lighter ensures a reliable, controlled ignition every time.

  • Unique Animal Style

    Designed with a touch of fiery vintage style, this dual-flame lighter not only releases a mesmerizing flame, but also comes in a variety of exquisite animal head-shaped selections that are sure to amaze. Available in chic black and fancy gold color options, the choices include a crocodile, dolphin, eagle, horse, and even a pistol shape.

    Each lighter features a smooth, polished finish and a non-slip, ergonomic lightweight body that nestles comfortably in the hand, delivering a luxurious feel. Furthermore, all lighter designs include a smart quartz clock feature, making this a thoughtful gift for collectors, dads, grandfathers, friends, parents, boyfriends, and more.

  • Refillable Butane Tank
    With a handy refillable quality, this lighter can be filled again and again when the tank is empty. Simply hold your universal butane gas and align the nozzle at the bottom of the lighter to refill the tank. After a few minutes for it to heat up, you'll be ready to press and ignite, never running out of fiery light and avoiding the hassle of constantly replacing disposable lighters.  

  • Easily Adjustable Flame   
    Equipped with an innovative adjustable flame valve at the bottom, this lighter allows you to easily twist and adjust the flame strength to your desired effect or for safety reasons. You can increase or decrease the flame by slightly twisting the valve using a screwdriver, without compromising the dual-flame performance.
  • Premium Quality
    Crafted from high-quality, non-toxic zinc alloy materials and advanced technology, this vintage dual-flame windproof lighter boasts powerful dual-flame capabilities and excellent durability to resist accidental drops and bumps. Built to last for years without weakening flame performance, discoloration, or damage, it's a portable, sophisticated companion for at-home use or outdoor activities like hiking, camping, picnics, and emergencies.


  • Case material: 
  • Size: 7.5x3.6cm
  • Color: Gold / Black
  • Style: Gun / Eagle / Horse / Crocodile / Dolphin


  • 1 x Dual-mode Vintage Watch Lighter
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