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GFOUK™ Microcurrent EMS Massage Device

GFOUK™ Microcurrent EMS Massage Device

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GFOUK™ Microcurrent EMS Massage Device

GFOUK™ Microcurrent EMS Massage Device

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Lose Weight And Burn Fat Faster With EMS!

Our EMS Mini Massage was made to help promote fat burning in any body part you want. With the use EMS Vibration, you can easily get rid of stubborn problem fat spots on your waist, thigh, or arms.

 What Is EMS And Why Is It Good For Weight Loss?

EMS uses electrical impulses that stimulate the nerves and engage muscle fibers. The device mimics the brain: in order to activate a muscle, the brain sends 'shocks' to the neurons in the muscle group. These currents cause the muscles to expand and contract, just like they might during usual exercise.

EMS also promotes weight loss by building muscle, which in turn helps to boost your metabolism and burn fat. It does this by allowing the body to burn more calories. One of the main reasons that EMS is good for weight loss is that the workout helps to create a calorie deficit, which is the main way that you’re able to lose weight. A calorie deficit means burning more calories than you consume. You can achieve this by cutting calories in your diet, exercising to burn more calories or a combination of both.

Weight loss with EMS training is most effective when combined with a healthy, balanced diet which promotes the calorie deficit so you can target the fatty parts of your body more directly.

Intuitive Functionality with Programmed Modes and Intensity Controls

We made the EMS Microcurrent Mini Massage Device with ease of use in mind. We also wanted it to be the perfect solution for any type of person. So we made sure that it had the proper controls, modes, and programs needed so that users can set the mode and intensity they want and that fits them perfectly.

Our device has 10 different intensity levels that you can adjust in all 6 modes that we've provided. Choose which program works for you the best and adjust the intensity according to your preference, and it will be the perfect solution for you!

    What Makes EMS Mini Massage A Great Weight Loss Solution?

    ⭐ Helps Body Burn Fat Faster
    ⭐ Stimulates Muscles Tone and Definition
    ⭐ Uses EMS Vibration Technology
    ⭐ Provides Relief For Pain and Fatigue
    ⭐ Adjustable Massage Modes and Intensity
    ⭐ Portable and Compact Design
    ⭐ Use it Anywhere and Anytime
    ⭐ Easy USB Charging

    How To Use

    • Place Massager On Desired Body Part
    • Press The Power Button To Turn On
    • Press The Program Button To Change To A Mode You Like
    • Set The Intensity To Your Preference, Press The INC Button To Increase Intnesity And Press The DEC Button To Decrease Intensity
    • Use For 15 Minutes Everyday For 10 Days Or More


    • Size: 5.7cm Diameter, 1.8cm Thickness
    • Operating Modes: Battery, USB  ( cables included )
    • USB Charging: 2 Hours for Full Charge
    • 6 Massage Modes
    • 10 Intensity Settings
    • Recommended Use: 15 Mins Per Day, Continuous Use for 10 Days or More
    • Variants: 1 set, 2 sets, 4 sets

    Package Includes

    • USB Charging Version: 1 set x  EMS Microcurrent Mini Massage, USB Charging Wire, Manual
    • Battery Powered Version: 1 set x EMS Microcurrent Mini Massage, Manual
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